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hole punchThe hole punch centre is a resource for UK businesses.

Buy quality hole punch products from a company trusted by UK businesses for great service, value and choice.

We have a great range of 2 hole punches, 4 hole punches, adjustable and heavy duty hole punches, as well as single hole eyeletter hole punches and metal eyelets.


Choice and Quality from leading hole punch maufacturers.

We have a great selection of hole punches for you, and as a leading UK supplier of the leading brands including Rexel, Rapesco,5 Star and Leitz we can provide high quality products. Most products carry manufacturers warranties that guarantee years of service.

Find replacent parts to maintain your existing punch.

Hole punch spare partsWhether you are looking to buy a new punch for the office, or to find replacement parts to refurbish your existing punch - we can help.

Quality and service guaranteed

As a leading UK business resources company we only supply good quality products from leading manufacturers. The hole punches and perforators on this site come with extensive warranties - check the product details for more info.

We promise that we will give you the highest levels of service and have many satisfied customers as a result.

Should you have any queries or need any assistance - please contact us - we are always happy to help.

Guide to choosing your hole punch

Choosing which punch to buy for your office may not be the most exciting or complicated of tasks, but if you take a little time to consider the options you will choose the right punch that should last you for years to come. We explain the features which may affect your choice, whether you are looking for a simple and cheap two hole punch, to a versatile and adjustable four hole punch, heavy duty hole punch, or even a six hole punch.

We have information to help you decide on features and make the right choice.

Take a look at our: Guide to choosing a hole punch.



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Guide to choosing a hole punch

Our hole punch Guide.

A simple guide to help you make the right choice!

Choosing a hole punch that is not suited to the job is a false economy.

For example using a light or medium duty punch on thick documents could soon cause the punch to fail.

So take a look at our guide before making you final choice. A well chosen hole punch should last for several years if chosen wisely and well maintained.